Playing the Indian Card

Monday, April 24, 2017

Throw the Book at Them!

Exciting news! My upcoming book on Canada's aboriginals/First Nations is now available for pre-order!

Everything you think you know about Canada's "First Nations" is wrong:

1. First Nations are not aboriginal or indigenous.

2. Most Canadians have Indian ancestry; most Canadian Indians have European ancestry.

3. Life before contact was no peaceable kingdom. We are influenced by the Garden of Eden myth.

4. No Indian land was stolen. No Indians were harmed in the making of this country!

5. We think First Nations have a special concern for the environment. In fact, they did not believe the physical world was real.

6. "Native spirituality" was mostly invented in the 1960s and 70s. Real Indians are generally Christian, and more devout than other Canadians.

7. What we think we do to help, has been killing them.

And put in an order!

Win your next debate!

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