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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Ayesha's Song about High Park

I love to go to the park and walk
And tug on daddy's arm to see how strong it is,
And point at different things
And sometimes forget and run a little
Chasing pigeons
Who love to be chased
And land alwaysI just out of reach, laughing softly
So we can play the game again.
I love to go to the pond with pieces of bread
And play queen of the ducks, pond mother
And sometimes even let one wobbling bill
Take bread right out of my hand
'Cause it doesn't actually hurt, really. It tickles.

I love to look at the flowers
Especially the ones with ants all over them
And the ones with big insides you can kind of look into
And see the sunlight.
And I love chipmunks, 'cause they're always such a surprise
And water tumbling over rocks, as though a little person might live there under toadstools
And old men fishing forever, and no fish
And somebody sometime said there's an honest to ghost in Colborne Lodge.
I love to go to the park with my Dad
And I wish today weren't Wednesday
'Cause it's awful sunny out and the rain's not falling
And today there’s not much light inside.

-- Stephen K. Roney

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