Playing the Indian Card

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Trudeau Meltdown

The current meltdown of press and media respect for Justin Trudeau has everything, I think, to do with the current meltdown of press and media respect for Barack Obama in the US. Canadian politics has a persistent tendency to follow US politics at a lag of 5-7 years. The US got Roosevelt, so we got King. The US got Eisenhower, so we got Diefenbaker. The US got Kennedy, so we got Trudeau. And so forth.

Justin rose as an Obama-like figure. But during the time lag, Canadians have the opportunity for second thoughts if the new phenomenon south of the border does not turn out so well. Canada never went for a Carter or a Nixon.

It looks to me as though Obama's tanking is going to kill the Trudeau boom before the next election.

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