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Monday, May 23, 2016

Treat Your Medication with Respect

May cause memory loss,
And an ashen taste in the mouth.
Use caution while operating celestial machinery.

May cause optic deficits,
Follicle growth on palms,
And an obsessive feeling like remorse.
Marked parkinsonism
May make it difficult to write.

Avoid alcohol while taking this medication,
Avoid all other mood-altering substances
Not supplied by a registered medical practitioner
Wearing caduceus and candy-apple white.

Discontinue use in case of pregnancy.
May cause passive aggressive or co-dependent behaviours in women
Excessive discomfort during labour,
And resultant children are likely to be quarrelsome.

Side effects, while significant, are in most cases temporary;
Sufferers will be astounded, after only one day's use,
At how temporary they are.
But the good the drug can do may last forever.

With suitable precautions, worth the inconvenience seventy times seven
For the chance to see things as God can see them,
And for the satisfaction of earning one's way each day
By honest labour
And the sweat of one's brow.
== Stephen K. Roney

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