Playing the Indian Card

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trudeau's Faux Pas

Justin Trudeau House altercation 1

In case Canadians are not aware, a big deal is being made even on international news about Justin Trudeau's recent behaviour in the House of Commons: grabbing the Tory whip, and elbowing an honourable member.

To my mind, it was never a big deal. Merely a breach in decorum. It looked to me as though Trudeau might only have been being playful, but for the reported swearing. He owed the House an apology. And he has apologized, not once, but several times.

It should now all be over and forgotten.

The most disturbing thing about it all is how NDP member Ellen Brosseau milked the incident, leaving the House, then blaming Trudeau for making her miss a vote. Please. Talk about playing the female victim card.

You can have special consideration and protection, or equality. Choose one.

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