Playing the Indian Card

Friday, May 06, 2016


Is the sound of a writer
Losing his nerve.

The one thing sadder than remembered joy
Is remembered hope.

Of all the things that terrify cowards,
What terrifies most is a brave man.

Motto to sustain you through the first half of life: "hang on, things are bound to get better."
Motto to sustain you through the second half of life: "hang on, the damned thing's almost over."

Most things are like peeling an onion--
Nonsensical tears, with nothing at the core.

It's always harder to build up
Than to tear down.
No matter where you go for advice,
The answer is always the same:
"Be like me."

Life: periods of depression alternating with periods of genuine unhappiness.

Returning is always a disappointment--
It adds nothing.
Unless there is change
And then it adds sorrow.

A failsafe way of classifying all your friends:
Those less intelligent than you are stupid.
Those more intelligent than you are unbalanced.

Always seek advice from many sources.
That way, you're bound to get the advice you want to hear.

-- Stephen K. Roney

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