Playing the Indian Card

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Lord of everything, in this lonely pilgrim life
I find myself now in a rocky place, not seeing any sky
Please show me a postcard
Of the high and shining city streets towards which I climb.

My own photo: mosaic of Mary, Hagia Sophia.

Mary, our ever-mother, with your cloak as blue as the sky
Black the black your hair
Blue the china blue that’s in your eye
Blue the perfect veins between your toes
As you crush the serpent that is in my heart.
Conquer for us, Mary.

Bernini's Holy Spirit, St. Peter's.

Glorious Ghost of God,
Mysterious third,
Flame that never gutters
Adamant bird
Tumbling verse and versa between heaven and Montreal
Help me too fly high
Light as light
Away and up beyond the waters
Into the land of rainbows.

- Stephen K. Roney

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