Playing the Indian Card

Friday, October 09, 2015

The Vision Thing

A woman of (partial) vision.

Pols say Hillary Clinton's campaign is struggling in part because it is failing to articulate a vision, a reason for a Clinton presidency. They need a slogan, kind of like Obama's “Hope and Change.”

Problem is, it has to resonate with the persona of the candidate.

A few suggestions:

Hope against hope. 
Real policies for real people. 
My village wants your children. 
It's my turn to have interns! 
Because I said so. 
“Retro” is the new “change.” 
Nice country you got there. Pity if something was to happen to it. 
The nineties called. They want their foreign policy back. 
I need the money. We've been broke since we left the White House. 
Why should North Korea be the only country whose leader wears pantsuits? 
Vision? I've still got perfect vision in one eye. 
What difference, at this point, does it make? 
You're so welcome, Democrats. Happy, in return, to accept the post of press secretary.

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