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Thursday, August 29, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Quacker Jack

I bought my daughter a big bag of rubber ducks for her birthday. Usually, she names everything, and gives them an imaginary character. This time, the sheer numbers overwhelmed her.

Just for fun, trying to help out with as many rubber duck names as I can muster:

Quacker Jack
Joe Duck
Feathers Fitzwater
Luke Pondwalker
Jemima Cuddleduck
Bill Wigglebutt
Shotgun Bait Bart
Shoelips Larry
Port Jelly Jim
Webs Murphy
The Ugly Swanling
Nibble McFinger
Lord Drake of Crossharbour
Plastic Bob
Fred Flotsam
Zen Unduck
Wahid Pondwalla
Mick Riverdance
Mississippi John Squirt
Proud Mary
Louie Lakelump
Sidepaddle Sid
Roman Ben Anas
Percy the Lake Monster
Moe With-the-Flow
Groucho Viaduck
Smackwater Quack
Dr. Dogpaddle
Algernon Algaesucker

There! Now they all have a name!

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