Playing the Indian Card

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Eleventh Republican Debate

The latest Republican debate was as exciting as the last one. This time it was Cruz's chance to shine. Rubio still got off the bet line of the night, worrying about Trump breaking into yoga because he was so flexible. It was also extempore, not a pre-planned sound bite. Rubio is obviously a bright guy with a really good sense of humour. He was not nearly as aggressive as last time—no doubt his own polls tell him it is not helping him for all it may hurt Trump. This gave Cruz the chance to take centre stage. He adopted a prosecutorial manner, which may work better for him.

Kasich also did well. He reversed his disturbing answer on religious freedom from last debate. Someone must have sat him down and pointed out what was really at stake. Still, that he seems to have been ill-informed on the issue suggests that he is not the serious Christian he says he is.

I cannot imagine how anyone continues to support Trump. He was awful. His insults, his avoidance of positions and his waffling were too obvious, and to clearly pointed to by the other candidates and the moderators. He was playing the voters for suckers, and surely the voters in general should see this by now. I think it may still take time, maybe two weeks, for it all to sink in, but I suspect this dragon is finally slain.

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