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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday

Cruzing to victory in Texas and Oklahome
Donald Trump won a lot of primaries, but what stands out to me is that he underperformed the latest polls. It may be that people are finally seeing through the Trump phenomenon, and we may have seen his high water mark. The second story is that Cruz seems to be benefiting more than Rubio. It was always going to be Cruz's night rather than Rubio's, but there was no great Rubio surge. Rubio is the guy who went after Trump, most recently and most impressively, but unless you are Trump and the rules do not apply, going negative tends to blow up both candidates, aggressor and victim. People may buy it, but they do not want to reward anyone they perceive as nasty.

The good news is that Trump's numbers were low enough to make him look quite beatable by a united opposition. His vote was consistently in the thirties percentagewise, with Rubio and Cruz in the twenties. The bad news is that the results made that united opposition look less likely. Cruz edged up to challenge Rubio more definitively for second place. Which one would drop out?

Bernie? Is that your street name?

On the Democratic side, the most marked result is that the Democratic party is split, on racial lines. Blacks are overwhelmingly backing Clinton, by 70 to 90 percent. Whites are backing Sanders. It makes no sense on the face of it, since Sanders has since his youth been a prominent fighter for civil rights, while Clinton comes late to that game, and only when it was in her own interests. This demands an explanation, and nobody has breathed one that might come to the forefront immediately if the racial roles were different. It may have a lot to do with Sanders being Jewish. It may be an endemic black anti-Semitism,

Jews tend to see blacks as fellow sufferers, as like them in being discriminated against. But really, the cases are opposite. Blacks are generally considered inferior. Jews are generally considered superior, and discriminated against out of envy. They are, as a group, significantly wealthier and better educated than the norm for almost any society they are a part of, including the US. For blacks, extra spaces need to be given to them at universities to boost their numbers to their share of the general population. For Jews, quotas have always been the problem, spaces denied them to reduce their numbers to their share of the general population. This sort of thing being so, blacks and Jews really have opposite interests. And, if the average white guy tends to resent the success of the Jews, the average black guy is liable to resent it that much more so.

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