Playing the Indian Card

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sir John's Public House…/kingston-pub-droppin…

Oddly, I have not found mention of this on the Kingston Whig Standard website, but apparently Sir John's Public House, in Kingston, actually located in what was once Macdonald's law office, has changed its name to The Public House under pressure from nearby First Nations Indians.

Sad, because in his day, Macdonald was a pretty loyal friend to the Indians.

But he is now scapegoated for having supported residential schools. And for saying in Parliament, when his government was being accused of extravagance towards the Indians, that he was only sending them the minimum of support.

It is all similar to the Cultural Revolution in China, or the various waves of iconoclasm in Europe. In each of them, irrecoverable and invaluable cultural elements were lost. Not to mention the vast economic potential from tourism. Now it has come to Canada. Our grandchildren will not thank us.

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