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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lavatories Abroad


There has been a full-bore hysterical reaction to Donald Trump allegedly (only allegedly) using the term "s***holes" in a private (not public) meeting to describe Haiti and unspecified countries in Africa.

This is a gift to Trump. The leftish establishment seems to be completely out of touch. Like the Bourbons, they seem incapable of understanding that they cannot any longer unilaterally set the rules and expect everyone else to step in line.

This is just the way the average Americna talks, and just the sort of thing he would say if he visited one of those countries. Countries with open sewers and garbage in the streets. It is a pretty good descriptive term. The commentariat is in the position, more or less, of denying reality, and people are no longer so prepared to take their word for it.

Sure, the word, if he used it, was undiplomatic language. But he used it in a private meeting. Just as an average American would.

The use of the word for foreign countries has been widely called "racist." Here again we see the growing delusion on the left that culture is genetic. If you say that a country is a mess, it does not automatically follow, unless you are a racist, that this is because of the race of the inhabitants. Evidently, this does follow for many or most on the left. It follows from that, in turn, that many or most on the left are racists.

It is the left who are making a powerful argument here against immigration from such countries. If making a country look like that is part of their genetic makeup, why on earth would you allow them in. Do you want America to look like that?


For many on the left, it actually seems, yes. They want chaos in the streets. They want civilizational collapse.

To be clear, this argument is false. Instead, if someone thinks the country they came from is a "s***hole," they are going to appreciate Ameria that much more, and make the effort to make the most of their opportunity. It is those who are protesting about their land of origin being called a "s***hole" who should be deported. Given their opinion of how completely equal or better it is, they should thank us. Right?

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