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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wonderful Things #6: The Canadian National Exhibition

Canada's Victory Celebration--1919.

I do not enjoy spending money; some do. Spending money is a real inhibition to my enjoyment of a thing. A sense of a good bargain is part of the fun for me.

And for the money, you can’t beat the Canadian National Exhibition for family fun. I expect state fairs across the US are similar; Ottawa has its SuperEx and Vancouver its PNE; you can try this at home in many places across North America; but I believe there is nothing as big as the CNE. I never bother with the midway, and do not shop. I look for the free shows all over, free exhibits, and food bargains in the Food Pavilion. There’s The Farm and the horse shows; the air show; performing animals; displays of hobbies; nature shows; sand sculptures and butter scupltures. There’s usually a great display from the Canadian Armed Forces. There are ancient traditions that must be honoured, like eating a batch of Tiny Tim doughnuts.

Prince's Gate.

And a day at the Ex traditionally ends with everyone tired but happy.

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