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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Unsolicited Advice for Women


Funny thing. Women are always saying they are not interested in sex for its own sake, and one-night stands. They say that what they want is a relationship, and real commitment.

Yet everything modern Canadian women do suggests the opposite: that they only want sex, do not like men, and do not want to get to know them.

One example is here: riffing on a Reddit thread, this writer basically ends up criticizing men for trying to tell women what men really like. After they asked. Men seem to have no business liking women in the first place, as far as I can make out her underlying assumptions, and women seem to have no business doing anything just because men might like it. Men are there to give women what they want.

That is perverse. God created men and women to love one another. Love is the basic order of the universe. Feminism has denied and falsified this, and turned to turn all relationships instead into a contest for power. This is perfectly diabolical.

Sexy, not adorable.

It is not much better to suppose that the relationship between men and women is about sex, in the physical sense; about getting it on. This is a fairly trivial element of the dynamic. Love and sex are completely different things. One is spiritual, one is physical.

To be fair, I do not agree with all of the advice offered. The problem is that the intention is not clear: if the woman only wants sex, this calls for one approach. If she wants to be loved and to form a permanent relationship, this calls for a very different approach. One, after all, is physical and trivial, the other is spiritual and important.

Remember the old Gilligan’s Island TV show? Awful, I know, but remember the two young women on the island, Ginger and Maryanne: They represent the two approaches. Although about equally attractive physically, Ginger was portrayed as the bombshell, woman as sex object. Maryanne was from Kansas, the girl next door. No hints of interest in sex. So who got the fan mail?

Maryanne, overwhelmingly. Every red-blooded American adolescent boy was mad about Maryanne. In a current online poll, she still wins the desirability stakes, 85% to 15%.

But most modern women try hard to come across like Ginger. If not like a passing shark. They have no sense of themselves or men as anything other than sex objects.

Men seeking quick sex will go for Ginger, because she seems easier. Every man will feel he has to, or he will hurt her feelings. But their interest will not go beyond that. They will always prefer Maryanne, if they have the choice.


There was a similar dynamic on the show WKRP in Cincinnati, although the choice was not as stark. Loni Anderson played the blonde bombshell; Jan Smithers was the quiet but articulate Bailey. Men liked Loni, but not because she was a blonde bombshell; because she was played on the show as smart. But they probably liked Bailey at least as much: as smart but not as showy. Less like a cartoon, more like a human being.

One thing this shows is that men do not see women as sex objects. They do not just want sex. And personality matters at least as much as looks. The problem women have is that they keep broadcasting, rightly or wrongly, that what they see men only as sex objects, and they are really interested in is just quick sex.

Part or all of this, I think, is that women dress and act for other women, not for men. It is a power thing to them. They are showing off to women what they have, and that they do not care what men think. A woman has to buck a lot of peer pressure to actually try to appeal to men. It takes a brave, independent, intelligent, ethical woman.

If a woman really wanted a man to love, she would rely on one simple and obvious fact: men love women. Men are absolutely wired to love women.

The basic plan of modern feminism is to have women act and look as much as possible like men, and reduce any difference to mere physical anatomy, to the role in the physical act of sex. Smoke cigars, wear overalls, deepen your voice, act gruff, concentrate on work and not the kids. That, to begin and end with, is a massive turnoff. Because men love women, not men.

So if you actually like men and want them to like you, the proper approach is to look and act like a woman.

Really, really repulsive.

This is very different from showing skin. What are you trying to do there, promote rape culture?

You will get more attention from men by wearing a dress that goes to the ankle than you ever will with tight shorts. With a blouse with a few frills than you ever will with a plunging neckline that shows cleavage. With long hair than with blonde hair.

One piece of advice on which the guys on Reddit are absolutely right, regardless of whether you want sex or love, is the importance of shaving body hair. Hairy legs are a deal breaker for a lot of guys. Body hair instinctively means male. Or gorilla.

This is the secret of the current attractiveness of East Asian women to European and American men. It is certainly not that Asian women are submissive. This is the exact opposite of the truth, as anyone knows who knows any real Asian women. Asian women are far less submissive than European women. It is that Asian women are proud to be women, and comfortable with being feminine. A big reason is that women in Asia are traditionally relatively dominant; Asia lacks the Protestant culture which devalued beauty and the feminine. An Asian woman will certainly order you around, if you marry one. But they are women, not wannabe men. They will insist on painting the bedroom pink, and you have to take your shoes off to come inside. They will expect to have full control over the family finances.

Another thing Asian women have going for them is intelligence. This is not a matter of opinion: just check average IQ scores.

Feminists are always complaining that men do not like smart women, but this is completely opposite to the truth; and common sense tells us so. If you want smarter children, you want a smart wife, and everyone wants smart kids. Any man will always prefer an intelligent woman to a dumb one. It has always been important for women to be “accomplished.”

Women who lament not catching male attention because they are too intelligent are just giving themselves an alibi for a lousy personality or physical ugliness. They are clearly not as intelligent as they claim. Just because you are ugly or relentlessly critical of men does not make you smart. If you think so, you are pretty dumb.

Bad news, no doubt, for women who are not bright, and not beautiful. But there is still a whole lot you can do, if you really want to beat your smarter and your prettier sisters. Just make the effort to be nice and act feminine, and you will probably more than make up their advantage in the current climate.

Unless love is indeed not what you really want.

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