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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Canadian Conservative Leadership :Picks

My main problem with the current Canadian Conservative leadership race is that there are too many candidates whom I would like to see as leader. It is a shame that all but one must lose.

For what it is worth, which is very little, here are my picks, ranked as on the prescribed ballot:

Maxime Bernier – I especially like the courage of his position on supply-side management, coming as he does from rural Quebec. Trump’s recent complains about it in relation to NAFTA make Bernier’s position look even better. Bernier seems to be a likeable guy; and his bilingualism is important. His libertarianism should play well in Alberta and the West. His cabinet experience is heavyweight, preparing him for the job.

Andrew Scheer -- I am impressed by his recent demand that federal funding for universities be tied to their commitment to free speech on campus. We need something like this urgently. Scheer too seems likeable, and a witty speaker. He could be fun in the Commons. He is popular among colleagues, and would probably be a good choice for the sake of party unity. He is young; he would represent a new generation.

Erin O’Toole – Also likeable—I think likeability is the most valuable trait in a politician. Admirable military record. I like his support of the CANZUK concept.

Lisa Raitt—Hard not to love her for her intervention to rescue Elizabeth May from embarrassment. It is evidence that she is a decent person. She has the cabinet experience to qualify her for the job.

You may note that neither Kelly Leitch nor Kevin O'Leary are on my list. Both would be bad for party unity.

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