Playing the Indian Card

Friday, February 02, 2018

First Families of Ontario

We now have three entrants for the leadership of the Ontario PC party: Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, and Caroline Mulroney.

It is at least now a contest. But I see a problem with all the announced candidates.

And it is the same problem.

Each one of them owes much of their present prominence to family ties. Caroline Mulroney has no political experience, but is daughter of a past prime minister. Doug Ford has only been a city councilman; and he inherited his council seat from his better-known brother Rob, the Toronto mayor. Christine Elliott at least has her own real track record; but she is the wife of the late federal finance minister, Jim Flaherty. She owes a lot of her political career to that—she married well.

This is not healthy in a democracy. It speaks of a developing ruling class and of a monarchical instinct. Nothing against the Queen, but one queen is sufficient. Beneath the Queen, the Canadian tradition has been equality and advancement by merit.

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