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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Cenk Uygur on Religion in America

In this amazing video, Cenk Uygur, of the Young Turks, actually argues that it is “obvious” that the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion prohibits free exercise of religion; and its prohibition of a religious test for public office requires a religious test for public office.

I guess our antennae should always go up when someone says a thing is “obvious.” Some things are obvious, but the claim is an “obvious” way of avoiding having to present an argument. Most useful, then, when you know you do not have one.

And, while advising his viewers to “just read the Bible,” he cites the Book of Daniel misleadingly, as if he has never read it, or hopes no one else will. He condemns Daniel for committing crimes, and says this is unacceptable and not to be permitted.

The laws Daniel broke were laws requiring him to worship the emperor as God.

Cenk considers this immoral?

He’d do well in Nazi Germany.

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