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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sign the Petition, Eh?

Bill 89 from the Liberal government of Ontario is alarming on several grounds.

First, it is a direct assault on freedom of thought.

Second, it is an assault on the family, the essential cell of civil society.

Third, it is in direct violation of the Catholic principle of subsidiarity.

Fourth, it is an assault on freedom of conscience that affects believers in any major religion.

Fifth, it is an assault on the well-being of children.

Sixth, it does harm to orphans in particular, preventing their adoption.

Seventh, by doing that, it encourages the killing of more children through abortion, by reducing the opportunities for adoption.

Eighth, it prevents some families from exercising the natural right to have children.

Ninth, it does harm to those who experience what is now called "gender dysphoria," that is, confusion about whether they are male or female. It prevents them from getting proper treatment, whether or not such treatment is medically or morally justified. Some may end up permanently physically mutilated. Statistically, we know that a high proportion will end up dead from suicide.

Granted, the new bill may not end up doing all of that, depending on how it is interpreted and administered by civil servants and the courts.

But it leaves that up to their discretion, at best.

And so awards them and the government dictatorial powers.

Sign the petition.

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