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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Female Privilege

This post recently came to me on Facebook.

“A feminist is a woman, man, or person who furthers the cause of other women. If you only care about yourself, if you expect other women to support you, but do not support other women in action, you are a narcissist, an opportunist, and selfish. No woman represents all women. If you dismiss the struggles and achievements of other women who paved the way for you to own and raise your voice, you have no sense of solidarity or history.”

Note that this expressly calls on everyone to privilege women. Women both have privilege, and demand privilege. But men are condemned for it.

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Becky Hahn said...

The quote is probably in reaction to those women who did not attend the march. Like myself, these women didn't feel that those attending the march--their antics and what they stood for--represent "real" women. I have to admit I don't think of them as "real" women.

As to your idea of feminine privlege, I do believe that do want more simply because of their sex.