Playing the Indian Card

Monday, December 19, 2016

Faithless Electors

A lot of people on the right are getting irate about the talk of some members of the Electoral College refusing to vote for Trump; and especially about the video put out by a few actors advocating this.

Why? This is exactly what the Electoral College is there for. Would they rather go with straight popular vote? Clinton won the popular vote.

The initiative is unlikely to work. And it would be a bad thing, I believe,  if it did work. Too many people would feel cheated. On the whole, it would almost surely be less disruptive at this point to let Trump become president. But even if it did succeed,  it would not mean Clinton would become president. Almost certainly, the majority of electors being Republican, they would choose another Republican. Or the selection would be thrown to the Republican house.

Dumb idea, but no skin off the Republicans' nose.

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