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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte

If you think black lives matter, you must be appalled by Black Lives Matter.

No doubt there is police misconduct. The shooting of Sammy Yatim in Toronto, for one example. It is not, however, so far as any evidence can tell us, racially motivated nor about racism. By falsifying the cause, BLM is doing its level best to avoid a solution.

This is bad for blacks just as it is bad for whites: either might be victims of police misconduct. But blacks come into contact with police far more often.

Moreover, BLM is stirring up racial prejudice among blacks, potentially provoking violence in which blacks as well as whites may die. And prejudice among blacks against the police.

The rioting it is encouraging and supporting kills blacks, loots and destroys black businesses, and economically depresses areas in which blacks live.

It subverts the rule of law in favour of a lynch mob mentality. How well did that work for American blacks last time? As a permanent minority, the last thing they need is to throw power into the streets. Let the largest mob rule? In the end, who is that going to be?

It makes perfect sense, from a police perspective, if they are already a bit jumpier and more likely to assume the worst when dealing with a black suspect. After all, violent criminals are disproportionately black. Racial profiling? I'd do it too, if my life could depend on it. In fact, the statistics do not show that police are more likely to shoot black suspects, but one could understand if it were true, and no racism need be involved.

Now BLM comes in and encourages black hatred towards police. This has demonstrably boosted the odds that any given black suspect will pull out a gun and start shooting. And this, in turn, naturally and reasonably enough, increases the odds that any given police officer will assume the worst, and shoot first.

Leading to a rapidly descending spiral of race hate and dead black men.

Or, to avoid the risk of becoming the target of this lynch mob treatment, police may choose to back off-- simply stay out of black neighbourhoods, avoid black suspects. Leading to chaos and murder in black neighbourhoods, as well, of course, as any business that can pulling out.

Who's that going to help?

Great job. Are BLM really that stupid? Or are they really that malicious?

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