Playing the Indian Card

Friday, August 26, 2016

Politically Correct Book Titles

It hasn’t happened yet, but it is bound to happen soon. If those oppressive dead white males really eant us to keep their sexist writings on the English Lit curriculum, they are going to have to do something about male hegemonic, cisnormative and otherwise obviously discriminatory titles. White privilege only goes so far.

For example:

Goodbye, Mr., Miss, Mrs, Ms. or Mx. Chips

The Sun Also Rises, and the Moon Also Also Rises

Doctor Faustum

A Farewell to Arms and Legs

The Senior Citizen and the Sea


The Person’s Not For Burning

Moby Dick and Jane

Lad: A Dog; And Lassie: A Bitch

The Body-Shamed Duckling

Friday and His White Colonial Oppressor

Return of the First Nations Individual

The Capitalist Bourgeois of Venice

Aboriginal Descendant

The Kyphosis Sufferer of Notre Dame

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